Product promos with boobs

 When the inventor of a revolutionary new type of bra asked Little Orchard to create a video explaining the health risks of wearing the wrong size bra, we went all out to find a positive, luxury lingerie look instead of the usual flat-chested, medical approach.

Sue MacDonald of the Optifit Bra Company and I had met a couple of years ago when Little Orchard was filming a diary room at the International Women’s Day event in Gorton. Sue is a talented, passionate and determind breast health practioner who has created a new type of bra that will see current models become a thing of the past.

She has… well… let her tell you why she feels the new Optifit is the shape of bras to come…

In total Little Orchard produced 11 minutes of film across three different videos, this one featuring Sue, one featuring a leading breast surgery consultant and finally, the most important video of all, a testimonial video featuring several of Sue’s clients and filmed in a Loose Women kind of way.

The three videos are to feature on the new Optifit website and importantly, become part of the PR push for Optifit. It’s rare that us film makers get to connect with a client in such a way. The whole process of making these films for Sue’s product was – and pardon the pun – very uplifting.

They go to show that no matter what stage your product is in development, or in deed what type of product you have, there is always a way that a video can get your customers into the heart and soul of it.

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