Video virals

In a world of similar products or services how do you get people to see your product? What gives it stand out in a crowded media environment?

Fun, exciting and ‘wow’ viral videos (for YouTube, Facebook or other social media) maintain the viewer’s interest all the way through a product demo or service offering. These types of video side step the usual B2B channels and so normal gatekeeper firewalls because of the sharable, non-business nature of the platforms. Our product offering includes:

• Creative ideas and concepts generate
• 1 day’s filming at a location
• Editing to deliver two 2 minute max films in YouTube ready format

With over 80,000 YouTube views on one channel across 6 films alone so far, ‘here’s some we made earlier’…

These start from £3,000 (+vat) and upwards depending on extras such as actors, props, locations etc.

What makes a video go viral? Talk to the Little Orchard team on 0845 838 7396 and find out.