University of Salford sitting comfortably

How do you get your brand champions in front of 2.7 million potential students so they can help you promote your key recruitment drivers?

Well, 156 videos later ‘clearing’, ‘open day’, ‘prospectus’ and ‘find out more’ have been seeded across social media and Google gaining the maxium ROI from a two day shoot.

Our client, We are Air, was in the middle of a print campaign for the University and asked Little Orchard to provide the video of each of the brand champions answering key FAQs – in various different locations.

The brave thing to do was to make each individual question and answer a single video. Instead of four 3 minute videos, the University and our friends at Air have 156 very short, punchy videos to seed all over the internet providing a vast reach and multiple hits. And by seeding each call to action one at a time the campaign is able to last from clearing in August right upto Freshers’ Week in October.

This way of using video FAQs as individual videos casts your reach wide and attacks the biggest number of viewers.

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