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We’ve filmed music videos in Mexico and followed fresh salmon from Norway, to the desert city of Dubai, to be prepared fresh for Sashimi in Tokyo. And yes, we can get a little blasé – almost irreverent about our expertise when we talk about it – but we’re very serious and focused when we do it.

Consistency for your film is key when filming in multiple countries – the huge piles of paperwork and hours negotiating with local officials don’t distract us from the primary objective – making your business stand out from the rest. Our goal is to put as much of your budget up on screen as possible.

So we use just a few key people from our UK team across the whole project and pick up local production teams and kit. This makes for better informed and successful days of filming. And as Brexit looms, we anticipate the same issues we face in filming in India, China and America will start to emerge when filming again in Europe. Oh and in case you are wondering, yes we do film here in the UK too.

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