Look at this

If you can, then so could your customers

No, not the QR code – the rich media content it takes you to via your smartphone. And clients and customers are looking – anytime, anywhere…

Most marketers already realise mobile is an increasingly important marketing channel. Marketers also know that most customers carry a smart phone and many use it as their favourite way to access the web. According to eMarketer, 24 Million US Smartphone users alone are already watching online videos on their mobile device at least monthly.

Little Orchard can help you ensure it is you and your business that leverage this increasing audience using the one type of content that is easy to consume on move.

5 reasons to make video a part of your mobile marketing strategy:

1. Maximise space
Video maximises your content delivery on the 3’’x 4’’ mobile screen space. When customers access a website or landing page on their mobile devices, text content can appear either mobile optimised or not mobile optimise. The mobile phone screen sizes can limit the effectiveness of text based marketing messages. Either because it is badly abbreviated or just plain difficult to navigate. Video is automatically delivered in full screen mode on mobile phones and looks great on tablets. Mobile video lets on-the-go users gather the information they need quickly and easily.

2. Visual engagement
Mobile videos can use powerful visuals and branding elements. A well-crafted video is easy on the eyes, something difficult for many websites to accomplish on a mobile device. Video focuses your customer’s attention and presents the marketing message in a visually pleasing way, regardless of your customer’s location.

3. Audio delivery
Sound makes your marketing content more memorable. Proper use of music, voice-over and sounds can also help promote your brand and message. By incorporating online video in mobile marketing, on-the-go users are able to gather the content (through voice-overs) even if they cannot focus intently on the visuals.

4. User friendly
Your potential customers know exactly what to do with a video “play” button with they see it. Since hitting the play button is so intuitive, it makes it very easy for your prospects to engage with your marketing message. Not having to navigate or scroll on their mobile makes it much more likely that your marketing message will be delivered.

5. Affordable
By leveraging your current marketing assets, you can have a highly effective video marketing video produced for a relatively low cost. Since your company has already paid for and internally approved certain logos, images, video footage, etc. it’s easy to simply repurpose these assets to create a marketing video.

Little Orchard can help you make video an integral part of your mobile marking strategy. So anytime your prospective customers are on their mobile device make sure they ‘Look at’ that marketing message from you!

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