See here…

…if you have watched video online, then so have your customers.

Little Orchard have been doing some research into the latest stats for online video marketing – looking at the benefits to our clients and thought it only fair to share this with you. Our findings have shocked even us. And Little Orchard have been at this since 2008. Back then we knew that there was a huge market for online film, and we could see it growing. What we didn’t anticipate, was how much it would grow. And how fast.

  • The number of people viewing video on mobile devices has increased 66% in the past year to 12.1 million mobile consumers across the EU5 countries (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy)
  • More than 65% of the people who watch online videos are between the ages of 35 and 64 (and 67% of these folks earn middle to high incomes)
  • 68% of people who watch online videos, will in turn, pass links for these videos onto their friends…turning them into viral traffic machines.

And just as an example of that, the video above is a showreel from a series of virals we are producing for Sealed Air. To date the 6 films released into the B2B market have had collectively over 140,000 views. That’s alot of sharing in business terms.

So if you want to “See here” similar figures for your viral videos, talk to Lew or Nikki at Little Orchard Productions. Or click our “enquiry” button now.


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