Digital Escalator Panels…

… or as most people know them, the innovative, moving adverts on the escalators on the London Underground. Media types also know them as digital signage. And they are all the rage! Trending, one might even say.

You can see who these were for. Remember, they are staggered up the escalators so it looks for all the world like the character in this advert are going up stairs with you. It takes a fair bit of working out to get this effect. And increasingly, Little Orchard is being asked to look at digital signage to see how far we can push it.

The same animation was then also recreated for some web banners via Bonfireci, the advertising agency that commissioned us to produce this DEP.

Why not talk to Lewis, the experienced producer who made this, to find out more about the technique, the process and the technology? Call 0845 838 7396 now.