A promo for local solicitors

Well not that local really. Slater Heelis offers a wide range of services from their several offices across the North West. They know that personal recommendations are some of the best marketing tools. So they asked for a series of videos, featuring their in-house solicitor experts, what each of their divisions offer. This promo was then edited from those other films as a home page/You Tube promo.

Increasingly, solicitors have to advertise and market themselves rather than go through a third party website or directory. And it is video they are choosing so potential clients can actually see and hear the people that may be dealing with their case. There’s an awful lot of trust between the client and solicitor and it starts with the people behind the name on the door.

And of course, video also is the ideal tool to help explain services or processes that may seen difficult – we call them knowledge sharing videos. What’s more, because there are several of them, that makes for extra SEO spread.

If your legal or medical practice needs a knowledge share or service promo call 0845 838 7396 now.