Stop. Look. Listen.

Could you benefit with an extra 36% increase in sales? Because your customers are shopping around, and your competitors know it.

The nivana for every website marketeer is for people to come to the site, engage with it and then buy. One way to do that is with rich media video content. Online commercials, product promos and the like…

Firstly, customers have found your competitors’ sites by clicking on the video in the search listing. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL are among the hundreds of search engines that give priority listings to websites that host video content. Plus, did you know you can build in ‘tags’ into the video and this super charges its potential on the internet?

Secondly, once on a website it will keep customers there as the are entertained, engaged and encouraged to spend time with the brand. And more importantly spend money on the product.

Here’s just a few key stats from this August 2012 that confirm this:

  • A recently study from aimClear showed that videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results reports
  • According to eMarketer. half of US Internet users had watched product videos on homepages, and 47% had watched video on product pages
  • B2B companies using video experience up to a 36% annual sales increase reports Business2Community
  • And 184 million U.S. Internet users watched 36.9 billion online content videos in July alone according to comScore.

So which business can afford to ignore the reach and the importance online video content now plays in the marketing mix?

Online commercials
Homepage video is not the only video in the village. Video ads reached a greater proportion of internet users in the UK during November 2010 than in the US, according to comScore. Over 66% of UK users were exposed to at least one video ad over the course of that month compared with 48% of users in the US. And by the same time in 2011 that figure had doubled.

As experienced TV, film and video makers, Little Orchard can produce a range of business-focused online commercials, video virals and webpage videos to suit each viewing audience. Ensuring your advertsing or marketing campaign makes your customers “Stop. Look. And listen” too!

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