Spot the difference

Your competitors have. And so have your customers.

The difference being a video. Or increasingly videos of your brand, product or service.

Firstly, Little Orchard get many calls from business owners asking for a video “Because their rival has one”.

Crucially, clients and customers are more likely to click on a Google listing with a video first. And those businesses with video content build relationships with their clients and customers faster and the time to the ‘sell’ is vastly reduced.

A video really does make a difference
86% of the UK internet population visit a video site at least once a month. In 2011 there were 785 million visits to video sites from the UK, while the average internet user makes 18 visits to video websites a month, according to an Experian Hitwise white paper “Online video: bringing social media to life”. And just last year, UK internet users spent 240 million hours every month watching online video content. (Experian Hitwise, October 2011)

So is one video enough to reach so many viewers – and therefore potential customers?
They are hungry for video content, ravenous even. In the online world more is – well – more.

Secret no’ 1
Google (and other search engines) put a lot of weighting to video and the metadata (the words used to find it) they contain. Therefore, why have only one video? How much more reach could several cover?

Well, here’s a short case study:

Little Orchard were asked to produce four films by We are Air for their client, University of Salford. Four should be enough, right? Well each video was to feature 5 student brand embassadors. Each student was to answer a question put to them – the question being the title for each of the four videos. But Little Orchard ended up with so much great footage that, following discussions with We are Air, we turned each individual question/answer into an individual film. This meant the University of Salford could seed 120 videos across Facebook, MySpace, Bibbo and all the other student friendly social media hang-outs. That’s 120 times the search engine coverage.

Ask your web developers how much it costs to buy 120 of your top rated adwords for a year across all major platforms… and then realise the saving video can make for you.

Secret no’ 2
What if Little Orchard could guarantee you 1,000,000 views across those videos?

That makes a huge difference to an organisation’s ability to reach, talk to and engage its target audience.

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