Hilary Meredith Solicitors TV advert


HMsolJust in case you missed it because you’re not in the North West TV region, here is our TV commercial for Hilary Meredith Solicitors.

I love these fun, quirky, up-for-it type of jobs. Little Orchard and Madison Creative did the concept, script and production for this. In both 30 second and 15 second formats, we also reversioned the ad for Hilary’s website and YouTube channel.

We filmed on a sound stage with a stunt crew and full 4K cameras etc. Hilary, the brave thing, happily went through some training and rehearsals before being turned, on the specially built rig, 7 times – while delivering her lines. Then of course, back to the edits suite to process the greenscreen filming into the finished TVC with graphics and background CGI.

This is not a a cheap and cheerful advert but the client felt is was well worth it. I think she secretly enjoyed doing her own stunt. The ad itself generated another crop of new clients and potential clients for Hilary and her large team of solicitors. And certainly raised are reputation within the regional industry.

If you need to create a TV commercial but are not sure how to bring your service or product to the screen, talk to Little Orchard’s producers today. We can provide the full service of script to screen, so that includes holding your hand through the Clearcast rules and the airtime buying.