Filming in Europe for international engineering firm

Old clients, Tour Andersson, needed to film two new products coming on to the market. They were being introduced and tested at a series of exhibitions and trade shows around Europe. They asked Little Orchard to film the exhibitions and get vital feedback from industry experts visiting their stand. Watch the video to see where we were sent!

Half way through the process of editing the films, TA was merged with international engineering firm IMI. The video here is a promo to show highlights from all the various filming days and film outputs for our client. Little Orchard created a number of interview vox pops, 4 cases studies and 2 technical demos for our client.

The client was really happy with the results and our ability to coax some excellent answers out of the key opinion leaders we interviewed – a skill much unappreciated but vital when filming people ‘in the street’ so to speak.

If you need to film your clients or potential clients, talk to Little Orchard about how our TV trained directors can get the best answers for your product or service.