Engage your potential clients with video

If you are looking for a business edge in 2015 then video is increasingly the edge you need. Visitors come to your website sure, but how many leave without making an enquiry? Video can engage them. Pursued them. And get them to act.

Most people don’t want to trawl through pages of text, they want information delivered quickly and effectively. Little Orchard’s corporate films, web videos and animations do just that!

Our videos explain your product or service in a clear, concise and simplistic way, ensuring the viewer gets only the most essential information. And they provide specific instructions on what to do next – the ‘call to action’. Ideally to buy something or call you so your staff can close that sale.

Although we know video is good for business, for many of our clients the thought of actually doing it can be daunting. What should it be about? Who’s going to be the one in front of the camera? And most worrying of all, what will cost? Firstly, it has to be easy both for your staff to manage and for your budget to take. Little Orchard encourages you to have fun, be serious, be great. It works! No drama required. Unless that’s the type of video you want of course.

Secondly, while there are no hard or fast rate cards or costs per XXX involved – every video is individual – our team works hard on your budget so you the maximum ROI for your spend. Remember, video is as much a marketing tool as your press campaigns, brochures and website. Only this one can be used again and again on your website, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, as a link on LinkedIn or Twitter etc. You can also use it offline in your office reception, exhibition stand, conference or in front of potential clients during a meeting.

So whether you want corporate brand awareness films, product demos, testimonials, training videos, explanatory animations or a video capturing an event or conference, speak to the team at little Orchard Media on 0845 838 7396. Or click here to watch our portfolio.