BASF go all ‘Minority Report’ on us

The challenge
Having rebranded and amalgamated with numerous companies over its long history, BASF needed to bring together in one presentation all the separate brands and sub-brands in its group. The aim was to introduce its many investors to the one global brand. The senior leadership wanted a way to bring it all together that wouldn’t mean death by PowerPoint AND still made use of their considerable library of  case studies and other marketing collateral.

The solution
Little Orchard introduced the concept of greenscreen. Taking our work with HP to the next level, we wanted the presenter to interact with the images and effects. Chris Fletcher, BASF’s UK and Ireland Director, had a good crack at the ‘Minority Report’ style of working with the images. He certainly enjoyed his Hollywood moment filming the sequences in the professional studio with the cinematic 4K camera kit. It helped having the entire script on autocue and the full animation sequences storyboarded.

The client’s testimonial about Little Orchard  
“The film was shown to the management team. The feedback was excellent and they were all very impressed with the overall look and how this has come together. Also shown it to some product mangers for technical info and they have said its one of the best things we have ever produced so Thank you. “

Andrew Barlow
Marketing Co-Ordinator, BASF

This film is the behind the scenes promo. The actual sales and animation video we made for BASF is 16 minutes long and if you would like to see it, please contact Nikki or Lewis at