A local film that’s not just for local people

PR and communication managers ask us why it is important that they use film and video. Well, here’s one answer for you. South Northants Council approach Little Orchard to film the discovery of a Roman wall – or at least the remains of one – in Towcester. It’s just over the boarder from our new Milton Keynes office in Northamptonshire.

There was a major development going on in the middle of Towcester and the local museum needed to record the find so it could be viewed in an exhibition in the museum. At one stage, there was talk of iPhones and handycams, so I asked ‘what if it needed to be a press package for BBC Look East or another TV station?’

Little Orchard filmed this on our BBC approved HD broadcast camera yet still within the typically tight council budget.

I just love the natural enthusiasm of the archaeologist in this film.

Local interest stories are not just of interest to locals. So next time you need to film something, call Little Orchard Media and between us we can produce a video press package for use on TV and online. Call 0845 838 7396 for a free quote today.