Why it’s important to update your web videos

You can probably think of loads more reasons, but in our experience, number 10 is the real business driver:

  1. Because Google, who owns YouTube, uses video as one of its main search criteria
  2. YouTube is over 8 years old now – old videos are just falling off the radar
  3. Because your audience demands it, they are content hungry
  4. Because that audience knows amateur video when they see it, and they don’t trust it
  5. Because your website needs to work on tablet and mobile, which is where more  and more people are watching video
  6. To continually re-engage existing clients
  7. To focus on seasonal hot spots/purchases
  8. To help cross sell other sections of your business
  9. To promote new pages/services/products of your website
  10. To ensure your messages are accurate to where your business is now

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