Do you do slide shows? Animation for your presentation

Do you do slide shows?

Whether you call it module-based, chapter-based, saturated with clip art or death by Powerpoint, Little Orchard can and does create amazing, quality presentations using our video and video effect animation skills.

I’ve created Powerpoints for my employers and clients for years. And they are hard things to get right. How many times has your business audience sighed a huge, internal, disappointed sigh as your AV launches a Powerpoint?  Too many lines of text, too many cheesy clip art images and way too many even cheesier ways to ‘animate’ your slide content.

Did your important message get across?

But you can get them right. And more over, you can deliver dynamic, engaging, highly animated presentations cost-effectively by using a combination of video footage and post-production video effects and animations. It’s the perfect way to invigorate annual reports, technical training modules and even product promos and case studies.

For instance, here’s one we’ve been working on recently for a global client:

So next time you reach for your Powerpoint template stop. Ask yourself whether the content, story and message of your presentation can find a new and exciting life through modern video techniques. Ask Little Orchard now on 0845 838 7396 about how we can make your audience sigh with relief at your presentation!