Behind the scene filming at 360

A fast-paced, noisy, hectic and full on environment like a children’s indoor play center may not have been my first choice as a filming location but then, where else do you get to strap a sports lipstick camera to your head and slide down a slide? Or take a ride on a bumper car – from the bonnet?

Little Orchard had a fantastic time at our local Milton Keynes play center and the family and children involved with the filming had loads of extra fun being our ‘stars’ for the day. Here is a little bit of behind the scenes filming for you.

The client is currently updating their website to incorporate our film and is due to go live in February.

This is a promotional video, which this client aims to use in store, online and in an exhibition space. It will go on Vimeo and YouTube to create valuable SEO and social media noise for them. Find out how much a promo video ro film could be for your business, call 0845 838 7396.