Video marketing

Video marketing is just coming of age with useful data capture and calls to action that link into your sales funnel – turning viewers into customers.

You can get them to sign in, capture their name & email, and automatically add them to a email client. 

You can add text links that link directly to a specific resourse, web page, place to buy or… well almost anything.

You can add call to actions that drive directly to your sales funnel or other activity you need them to do.

You can chapterise a long video so that people can navigate accurately around the content to the pieces they need.

You can publish your videos via a page like this, in a dedicated pop up, in emails, or directly in to social media feeds.

You can use AB tests to help enhance the performance of your published videos open rates

You can see heat maps of where people view most or stop viewing so that you can refine the content to making it more effective.

Now that’s a truely remarkable marketing and measurement tool that meets todays needs, with video at its heart.