Schools and Charity Pricing

Our Video Production Price Guide

Lots of video production companies like to hide their costs and make it daunting to understanding what you are paying for. So we thought it would be useful to you to give you some of the classics… the sort of projects we do regularly – but that you can tailor to your bespoke needs.

Education video starter bundle

Often schools, colleges and universities have students doing media courses. Our roll becomes managing a team of enthusiastic but novice film makers. Typically we produce a 5 to 10 minute educational establishment overview film

  • Creative treatment/storyboard development
  • 2 days pre-production
  • brief writing for students
  • 1 day of our director on location working with your students doing interviews.
  • reviewing and managing student shot material
  • 3 days editing and post-production 
  • Bespoke animated graphics to complement your corporate brochure or website
  • Royalty-free music, professional voice-over 
  • Delivery pack includes web-ready files & copy of licence agreements for any bought in assets
  • Full ownership of your film & its footage

Typically this video production package ranges from £2,500 + VAT

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