Product Prez

We have pre-loaded 5 dog breeds – just type in the first part of their name.
Plus we have a generic “dog” to show how that can also work.
Border Collie
German Shepherd
Great Dane

Take a look at how it works…

To select a breed just type in the first part of the breeds name.
We can add an offer to the presentation – we’ve loaded 10%, 30%, & 50% as examples – but it could be anything.
To turn on each scene either type “Y” in the scene area or one of the 5 dog sizes (if you just want generic related information to a dog size)
P = Petite
S = small
M = medium
B = big
L = Large
Cross sell
Cross sell = add cross sell text here
Cross sell audio = Y or p/s/m/l (their is no b)
Now click “generate” to build a new video
HSL mode is great for previewing video as it only takes a minute or so. But to make a film you can download use you need to select MP4. This takes longer for the cloud server to produce – anything up to 2 minutes… which can feel like a long time.
After the film has be generated you can download it, email it to people or copy the splash page for it. In this demo these are branded to Headlines.