Product Pill

A product pill is a condensed piece of communications designed to work for colleagues with an existing experience of a suppliers product range. So we are adding to their knowledge and selling skills in just 30 seconds. Hence the design is very fast paced. This has been designed to work without audio as we expect your team to be able to use them in store or storeroom.

Please follow the text inputs to change their content and we’ve set 3 image placeholders that you can upload images to. We’ve designed them to be optimised for 16:9 picture ratio at about 2MP – but our cloud software dynamically resizes your uploaded images. NB the bigger the image the longer the video takes to produce.

Once you’ve entered your details please click “generate” to see the video. You can choose 3 sizes, SD, HD and full HD. Or choose MP4 mode to generate a video that you can download and use immediately. Once you’ve generated a video you can choose to email a copy of it or copy the splash page code for it. These can be branded to your company, with an array social media posting options – or not, as you wish

This is the manual input module. However if you want to produce a batch of these films (ie 10+) we will supply you with a spreadsheet that will produce all of the films quickly. Once complete we will send you back the spreadsheet with the download links so that you can get a copy of the films to use.

Please note that HSL mode is a draft mode and quicker to generate your video – but you can’t download it. The MP4 mode generates the video slower – but this is because it’s generating a file you can download and use. Individual splash pages are only maintained for 45 days, after that the system schedules them for deletion automatically.