In the Directors chair

***This is a demo of a added value project for a set of 3 adverts***
Enjoy our Chef & Brewer Christmas film – and then scroll down for your chance…

We’re happy that you enjoyed our Christmas Chef & Brewer films – but with over 2,500 billion possible combination choices do you think our director got it right? Could you do a better job. Well now’s your chance. Take the Directors seat in our virtual edit suite and find out if you are the next Spielberg, Scorsese or Jackson.

Use this edit list to tell our editors what to cut to and when – then hit generate to preview your edit. (This can take a few seconds while they do your bidding) You can always go back and make changes, until you are happy with your filmic master piece.

Once you are happy with your film change HLS to MP4 to download and keep it (this can take a couple of minutes as your film is professionally rendered. Plus you can email it to yourself – so you can do the Christmas thing and share with family & friends on Facebook & Twitter.


***using the email function opens up the social media sharing options for Facebook & Twitter – we’ve set up a dummy version for your to experience the full user experience***